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If you weren’t a finance specialist, what would you be? 

Dream job is clearly to be a voice on The Simpsons. Paid approximately $1000000.00 an episode – and almost total anonymity. In reality, I’d probably be working in a comic book store berating people for their choice of reading material.


About Murray

With over 32 years’ experience in the finance industry, Murray Jackson brings a comprehensive range of services and knowledge to the table.

Prior to working as a mortgage broker, Murray worked as a home finance manager, assessing the credit criteria and approving finance applications. Working on the other side of mortgage process gives Murray extensive knowledge of what can and can’t be a deal. Additionally, his understanding of “bank speak” allows Murray to break down the complex communication barriers between clients and the banks and ensure you completely understand every aspect of your loan. 

Accredited with over 25 lenders Murray has hundreds of different loans options available. “Getting people a great result and a great experience is a rush,” said Jackson. “Every now and then you realise you did something on a deal that probably 99% of brokers could not have when armed with the same information and that you were the difference between someone getting that house or not.”

Don’t just take our word for it, read how Murray has previously helped his clients.

“Murray’s experience and personal touch really impressed me. Murray was really amazing in explaining everything in detail to me as a first home buyer with no experience. I felt like he was willing to go the extra mile to help me in every way he could, especially when there was a few setback on the banks’ end of things. I am very happy with Murray’s service and would recommend him to other.” (Mitchell, July 2016)

A passionate contributor to the local theatre and arts community, Murray can also be seen on locally syndicated television advertisements and participating in the Parkrun.

Get in touch today and discover how Murray Jackson can help your current financial situation.

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